company profile

year of foundation:
factory size: 6.000 m2
employees: ca. 90
markets served: automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial machinery,  electronics, chemical industry, nuclear reator applications, paper industry, offshore, military & sporting weapons, rapid prototyping
machining: internal & external possible
materials: all castable steel & aluminium alloys
in particular: nickel-based alloys, Nimonic ® , Udimet ® , Inconel ® , Hastelloy ® , dental alloys, special melts for material testing as well as other spcial alloys upon request
tool making: internal & external possibel
clients: defence, aircraft, space industry, automotoive including motorsports, ship building, offshore
special projects:
We are capeable of producing small series & protoypes to your specification.
approvals: EN 9100-2009 & ISO-9001:2008 pdf Download
inhouse testing capabilities:
metalurgical lab, tensile testing, hardness testing, penetration tests (DIN EN 571) (AMS 2644), magnetic particel inspection (DIN EN 1369)
(ASTM 1444) & radioscopy inspection inhouse
casting capabilities: steel  300 tons/year, aluminium:  145 tons/year
maximum casting weight: steel max.:for production up to 35 kg, prototyping up to 70 kg
aluminium max.: for production up to 25 kg, prototyping up to 50 kg
size capacity: 1200 x 1200 x 800 mm